Technique Focus – Boost Left Hand Efficiency

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When working out the choreography to a new interpretation there are a few aspects of left hand technique that can dramatically improve efficiency. One of those aspects involves a similar idea often referred to as ‘planting’ for the right hand. For example, when playing a rapid and repeated pim arpeggio (like in Asturias), it is common practice to place all three fingers down in a group to stabilize the right hand and to create one efficient gesture instead of three separate actions. The basic rule is that as we move away from p and towards a across string we plant fingers down so the right hand fingers are prepared. Essentially, we stabilize the right hand as we move away from the grounding of p and i.

Applying this concept to the left hand is equally important but the ‘planting’ occurs as we move from finger 4 (pinky) towards finger…

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2 thoughts on “Technique Focus – Boost Left Hand Efficiency

  1. Excellent. Monsieur Sor clearly mentions the concept as it applies to the fretting hand in his Méthode. 🎼👌🏻🍷


  2. Ça paraît facile…mais non. Guitariste amateur français de 70 ans souffrant d’une rhizarthrose de la main gauche, le pouce de ma main est douloureux après 1/4 d’heure de jeu. Je cherche des exercices faciles efficaces pour échauffer ma main et ensuite pouvoir jouer avec un minimum de fatigue pour 1 heure de jeu.
    Merci de tous vos conseils patients et étudiés.
    A M-D


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