Marko Topchii playing Joaquín Rodrigo’s Toccata

Marko Topchii seems to be taking the guitar world by storm. Hailing from Ukraine, Marko has amassed more than 80 awards (34 of them 1st prize) from the most important international guitar competitions in the world. I was recently pointed to a video that despite the casual setting of what looks like a green room and the mobile-phone-to-the-mirror technique of filming, displays a true force of nature as he rips through Joaquín Rodrigo’s Toccata. It is as if he chose the most violent wave to surf and simply flew over it.

If you have more time, here is a recent performance of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Capriccio Diabolico from a performance in Italy.



2 thoughts on “Marko Topchii playing Joaquín Rodrigo’s Toccata

  1. All I can say is WOW! Not only is the piece a force but Marko is masterful in his playing so it just makes you cling to the edge of a cliff throughout and falling off at the end into the heavens. I never looked at his surroundings.. just heard the music. Thrilling.


  2. Hey Leo, That was such a great piece- I think you ,Max and Charlie should learn it!😎Thanks so much for your Six String Journal. I love it! Your, mOm

    Jacqueline Garcia

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