Magical Performances from OMNI Foundation

One of the positive things to emerge from the pandemic has been the OMNI Foundation’s pairing of world class filming with world class guitarists from all over the world. I wanted to highlight a few of these OMNI on Location Series performances which I’ve listened to multiple times for their displays of stunning musicality, virtuosity, and beauty.

Alberto Mesirca plays Regondi

Carlotta Dalia playing Rodrigo, Scarlatti, and Piazzolla

Kristina Varlid plays Theodoroudis, Vasks, and Rodrigo

Great Marco Tamayo Interview on Tonebase YouTube

I just stumbled upon Tonebase‘s Marco Tamayo interview as it was live the other day (lucky me!) and thought I would share it here since there is so much valuable insight from one of the guitar world’s most gifted artists. As many of you already know, Marco’s command of the guitar is legendary. He is also a gifted educator who teaches at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. I’d also recommend checking out his technique videos on Tonebase (and if you use the code SSJ-30 you’ll receive 30% a subscription to all of their guitar videos after the free trial period).