Tribute to the Masters: Evangelos Assimakopoulos

I often stumble upon Greek guitarist Evangelos Assimakopoulos’ videos when swallowed into the youtube rabbit hole. These are the videos I listen to more than once. I linger. Evangelos’ playing is lyrical, colorful, understated but virtuosic, and though I want to label the playing with the term “old school”, his playing is simply how I imagine guitar should be played.

Here is a video of Evagelos playing Enrique Granados’ Danza Española Nº5.

And, another one of him playing Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonata K.474.

Here is more information on his duo and a link to his youtube channel:

Jacob Cordover plays Danza Española Nº5

Australian guitarist Jacob Cordover recorded several videos for Guitar Salon International. All portray a solid command of the instrument but I found his rendition of Enrique Granados’ Danza Española Nº5 Andaluza to have a magical quality where the artist and 1969 Ramirez seem made for each other.

Here is another video where he plays a lesser known, though thoroughly convincing arrangement of Astor Piazzolla’s Adios Nonino.

More soon!