Marco Tamayo plays Schubert

The brilliant guitar virtuoso, Marco Tamayo, just posted a definitive performance of Johann Kaspar Mertz’s arrangement of Franz Schubert’s Lob Der Thränen (In Praise of Tears).

From the video post, Marco writes that he has modified small details in the arrangement to achieve certain resonances and more continuity in the melodic line. There are so many beautiful moments in this performance: seamless phrasing, the natural ebb and flow of pulse, and above all the purity of Marco’s magical interpretation. There is a reason La Stampa has dubbed Marco Il re de la chitarra (The king of the guitar). Enjoy!

For those looking for the music, here is the facsimile of the score:

Anabel Montesinos playing Tárrega

This is a VERY recent video from the Boston Guitar Festival of Spanish guitarist, Anabel Montesinos, performing one of the most beautiful and soulful versions of Francisco Tárrega’s Fantasia sobre motivos de La Traviata I have ever heard. Anabel’s expressivity and virtuosity cover such a broad emotional palette that it is hard to pinpoint exactly what moves me most about this performance. Wonderful playing! This also looks like the first time I’ve seen her perform on what looks like a guitar by Stephen Connor and not Simon Marty!