More Scales to Master – Modes Part 2

And, here we are with mixolydian and locrian modes. For those of you trying to remember all of these scales and the interval system, I find it useful to think of it based on the C Major (Ionian) interval system.

Interval Pattern of Whole and Half steps:

C Major (Ionian)  – W W H W W W H

C Dorian – W H W W W H W (notice the relationship to Ionian)

C Phrygian – H W W W H W W (notice relationship to Dorian)

C Lydian – W W W H W W H

C Mixolydian – W W H W W H W

C Aeolian (Natural Minor) – W H W W H W W

C Locrian – H W W H W W W

C MixolydianScale 3rd string mixolydian diaScale 4th string mixolydian diaScale 5th string mixolydian dia

C LocrianScale 3rd string locrian diaScale 4th string locrian diaScale 5th string locrian dia


More scales to come….

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