Goran Krivokapic plays Álbeniz’s Leyenda

Isaac Albéniz’s Leyenda (aka Asturias) is overplayed. Which is exactly why I’m posting Goran Krivokapic‘s wonderfully produced video of it. It stands high above most renditions. Goran’s playing has always interested me. He is always musical and supremely virtuosic. What draws me into this recording is the consistency of his articulation throughout the whole first third of the piece and the recap. I also love how he uses octaves in the slower, more introspective section. The choice imbues the melodic lines with elegance. The whole arrangement is a breath of fresh air, or perhaps, a gust of wind from southern Spain. The intensity and the clarity in Goran’s playing is a nice contrast to how calm he looks. Music is just being channeled perfectly here and fortunately for us, it was captured on video.

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