Leonardo Garcia plays Vals sem nome by Baden Powell

I first stumbled upon Brazilian guitarist Baden Powell’s recording Estudos while scouring the listening library at my high school. It was hard to resist the immediate appeal of his Vals sem nome (Waltz Without a Name). I sat in that listening room for hours afterwards until the librarian kicked me out that night and went back the next day armed with a cassette to record it. His music has captivated me ever since.

Leonardo García plays Piazzolla’s Milonga del Ángel

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) needs no introduction. His Milonga del Ángel is one of my favorite pieces. It is part of his Serie del Ángel: Milonga del Ángel, La muerte del Ángel, and Resurrección del Ángel. I remember getting lost in his recording Zero Hour when I was in music school. Haunting, sad, and nostalgic, Piazzolla transports me to Argentina every time I play this.

All three pieces in the series were beautifully arranged by Agustín Carlevaro. This version is not often played but I find it more compelling than the usual transcription by Baltazar Benítez despite liking that one as well.

Thanks for listening!

Guitar: Paco Santiago Marín XXX Aniversario

Leo García plays Tárrega’s Recuerdos de la Alhambra

Here is a recent home recording I did at the end of a practice day last week. The songs I have been revisiting these last six months all have the theme of conjuring places far away – in both geography and time. The great Spanish guitarist, Francisco Tárrega’s (1852-1909) wonderful tremolo piece, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, is magical in so many ways. It conjures the great fortress overlooking Granada with the illusion of a sung melody and it reminds me of its infinite mosaics, fountains, streams, and trickles of water echoing everywhere throughout.



Recuerdos Study Score

Mastering Tremolo for Classical Guitar

New Publication

I’ve just released the first edition of my new book! Over the next few weeks, I will post a few excerpts or ideas from the book for Six String Journal readers. If you can’t wait, order a copy (and leave a review!). : )

Mastering Diatonic Scale Forms represents a book I wish I had had 35 years ago. Here is the description of the book from the inside cover:


Scale mastery is absolutely essential for the ambitious and serious guitarist. Touted as the single most effective way to solve technical problems by the most distinguished pedagogues and professionals, developing a scale practice and understanding the most useful way to develop it will lead to breakthroughs and improvement in your technique. Mastering Diatonic Scale Forms is geared towards the advancing guitarist and offers a practical approach for understanding the various necessary scale forms and some insightful methods to supercharge the results of your study.